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My first experience with Patti was sensational. It was everything I hoped for and more.Patti is such a great and active listener and provides such warm and positive feedback.

 The energy and love was powerful. I am looking forward to my next session. 

Do yourself a favor and book a session. You deserve it!

Deme Holmes

My experience at Pattis spiritual Clinic was amazing. I come from a religion that doesn’t

 approve of this type of healing, but I am so grateful to have found this place. 

It’s been almost a week and I feel much better than I have felt this past year…

 I’m sitting here trying to think of the words to describe my experience… 

Life changing.. I can see a huge improvement in how I feel, I been eating, reading, MEDITATION,

 giving myself grace you name it… if you truly want to heal it can happen…

Thank you and I look forward to another session.

Denise Logue

I'm not really sure how to review a spiritual clinic because I've never been to one before, nor am I the least bit spiritual. But I've been looking for something in my life for a while now and meditation lead me to reiki. My husband bought me two sessions of reiki with Patti, and today was my first session. I have to say, Patti was wonderful. Her first question to me was why was I there. It took me a minute to come up with an answer, but even as I said my response I knew it was just a superficial response. Patti did not let that go and would not accept that answer. She made me think and look into my heart and tell her why I was really there. Yes there were a lot of tears and yes I feel immensely better. I will be back for my second session and I will recommend Patti's spiritual clinic and reiki healing to anyone who will open their mind to it.



OMG!!! What An Awesome Experience. Patti Knows What She Is Doing. 

I Tell You Book Book Your Session. Patti Will See Me Once A Month For Healing. Thank You

Brent Kiing

         Words cannot express how amazing this experience was. If you are thinking of booking Patti, 

just do it. You won’t regret the experience. Once you experience it, you’ll be back...i promise you 💙

Evelyn Burnett

    Patti, thank you. In one phone consult and in-person session I’ve learned more about so much. 

The stars, the sky, my heart and head. Empowering I’m not a strong enough word. 

Transformative healing, self of self to self. This is something we should all feel,

 true love, protection, and kindness of self.

Addie Adams

How can one human being be so full of light and love?! I had my first Reiki session with Patti

 and it really was life changing. She took her time with me and I will forever me grateful. 

She was so patient and empathetic. Being around her alone is like getting a warm hug from the Universe. 

She is professional and compassionate. I felt safe to release my worries and trauma.

 I walked into her space overwhelmed and walked out like I just defeated a lion. 

As a society we NEED healers like Patti, she is a gem and I will forever HIGHLY recommend her.

 If I could give her 10 stars I would. Thats because her value is unmeasurable. 

This was my first Reiki session but It will most defiantly not be my last. 

Sending you all love and light.



 I'm  a bit late providing this review but I must. When I say I appreciate my experience and the welcoming, the healing I am forever grateful. I was in a bit of state confusionand I was given clarity, gems. and healing that has put me back on track. Mind, body, and spirit very thankful :-)



Pattis was sweet and listened to me and directed me to why I was there

 and to exactly what I needed, healing wise. She’s very intuitive and understanding.

 I felt comfortable and not judged. Overall, it was a great experience.

AlCourtney Smith

Thank you Patti, I really enjoyed the session. I literally had a mental breakdown earlier this week and I literally asked for God/spirit/universe to place someone in my life to help me , because I feel like I am drowning and here you are a true blessing. .I thank you again because I definitely felt your energy and you are passionate about your gifts and are you using them to help others which is know can be alot sometimes with others energies. You are appreciated 💛 based on what we discussed today.. I will definitely be back soon. 💞💞



Patti is truly an angel and she loves everything she does she really is here to bring peace, love, & help us heal within. 

She makes me feel so comfortable from beginning to end, she cares about what you have to say or what you're trying to heal from. I recommend her to everyone she's a sweetheart who loves to love. Thank you for everything Patti I feel amazing after our sessions,  I feel balanced and ready to keep pushing forward in life 💛💛💛


My visit with Patti was memorable and everlasting. The energy in her room is soft, inviting, warm, 

and radiates with genuine love. She allowed me to speak what was on my heart and helped me 

filter and look at things with a different perspective. She is the mother, sister,

 grandmother, friend all in one with practical approaches to bring light into my heart.

 I highly recommend her services. She is Hidden gem.


Patti has a gift! She was excellent in preparing me for my session and putting me at ease. The prayer prior to the session really calmed my nerves and opened my heart. I was so relaxed during my Reiki session that I fell asleep several times. Thank you Patti for your healing hands.



Listens and very caring.. would highly recommend.

Dustie Marroquin

Patti is absolutely AMAZING. I’ve been on a journey to self heal my mind and soul and on this journey I’ve created a ‘wellness bucket list’. Reiki was apart of my list. Honestly I went in not truly knowing what to expect and aware I might leave there unchanged. The minute I spoke with Patti I knew I was in the right place. She is kind, compassionate, and pours her whole soul into her healing. She leaves no question unanswered and genuinely cares about her clients wellbeing. I left there feeling at peace. I went straight home a did my homework- I burnt sage and helped release the negative energies in my home. I slept the best I’ve in months. Can’t wait till my next session. ❤️


Long story short, I’m grateful for listening to my intuition on this one.

 Thank you and I can’t wait to come again !

Kourtney Washington

I loved every bit of my session! I can type much more but overall it was wonderful and definitely a start to my spiritual journey. I will definitely be back!!

Stephanie Groeschell

WOW! What a wonderful experience. Patti is warm and welcoming and you feel a sense of security around her. I am referring her to everyone I know and I will definitely be back!

Paulina Arriaga

My visit was AMAZING, right away I felt relieved, my body felt lighter, I feel happier. She definitely helped, once she started with me I felt like I kinda left my body but it felt good. I definitely will be doing another visit. I came home and even my mom noticed the difference. I feel like I'm shining with bright light. Like I said AMAZING!



Patti was amazing and it was my 1st time getting a spiritual healing.

 I loved it and will definitely be back for a tune up! Thanks Patti for sharing your gift! 

Appreciate you!


Patti is absolutely amazing, she made a difference in my life from the first healing session.

 I felt very comfortable and happy and enlightened during and after my very first session. 

I look forward to many more reiki healing sessions to gain spiritual growth. Thank you Patti!

Natalie Aguirre

Great presence as soon as you walk in. Very welcoming and easy to talk to. Will be telling friends and family ton come see her!

Ashley Taylor

Wow! I’m totally speechless. I don’t know where to begin but that this was an amazing experience for me. I feel so different but in a good way. I will continue doing this until I feel restored. Patti was amazing. :-) Thank You Thank You

Xavier James

Tiberius Panda

WOW! What a wonderful experience. Patti is warm and welcoming and you feel a sense of security around her. I am referring her to everyone I know and I will definitely be back!



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