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Born For When Theirs Distress

Welcome To Pattis Spiritual Clinic :-)

Patti's Spiritual Clinic / Suicide & Crisis Life Line Is, Where Your Needs Are My Top Priority...

Empowerment Counseling Is My Expertise, I Am Your Spiritual Leader,

Personal Reflective Mentor, Life And Intimacy Coach, Who Focus More Towards Holistic Health & Wellness.

As Your Reiki Practitioner I Will Assist With The Process Of Your Bodies Natural Healing,

With Meditation Hands On Palm Energy Healing To Various Areas Through Out Your Bodies Region.

Exercise/Health & Fitness Training Is A Must, Along With Balancing Your Chakras.

Encouraging Motivational Speaking & Professional Blogging Drives Me :-)

With That Being Said, I Am Here for you to lean on when you are in distress.

Pre And Post Abortion Decisions Can Cause Stress, Giving Birth To A Still Born Is Painful As Well,

Causing Lingering Feelings Of Shame, Grief, Loss, Confusion, Guilt, Frustration, Anger, Alone,

Misunderstood, Sadness and Remorse. At Times Your Choice To Terminate The Pregnancy

Will Offer Mixed Emotions, From A Since OF Relief, Calmness, Happiness, To Regret,

Wishing, Hoping And Wondering What If. Coping Alone Is Very Challenging,

Speak About Your Silent Cries Or Joy, Towards Life Changes Following An Abortion,

Or Pregnancy Loss Period, Whether It Was From Your Body Naturally

Causing A Miscarriage Due To Health Reasons, or You Didn't Prefer But Maybe

Your Unborn Child Was Facing Significant Health Problems, The Difficulties Behind A Pregnancy

Ending Before Or After Your Due Date Can Impact You Negatively...  

Do Marital problems, Health Issues, Divorce, Sexual Dysfunctions,

Obesity, Blended Families, Infidelity, Loss of loved ones,

Eviction, Homelessness, Addictions, Past Trauma, Abuse, School, Same Sex Relationships, Religion

or Parenting, Got you down in the dumps, confused or on a roller coaster of mixed emotions daily.

Do you need a hug, ear or voice for extra guidance?

Or maybe someone to just wipe away your tears.

When you look in the mirror, are your thoughts flooded with i'm fat, i'm ugly, i'm too skinny,

not good enough, feeling as if you are needing or wanting to do more or feel accepted, etc;

when you eat, do food stress you, are you saying, i need to vomit that back up, i eat to much,

i need to work out more, i hate my size, daily are you consuming diuretic/water pills, laxatives,

or repeatedly binging and purging...

when you are ready to battle against your negative mind, constant indecisive moods and

desire to be comfortable, happy and peaceful internally, confide in me Patti

and lets begin your self work together, so we can ignite the light in you :-)

ministering to Gods people makes my heart happy and complete...

Are you experiencing job loss, Financial problems/BROKE, living from pay check to paycheck,

no transportation, not enough to eat/starvation/hunger, unemployment stress,

Are you in need of job placement assistance, 1 on 1 interview coaching, resume writing,

cover letters and portfolios, help repair your credit & raise your score,

money management & daily budgeting, I can help to get your life back on track,

coping with your obstacles & living a peaceful, happy life,

you desire with joy & being productive again.

Sometimes we need to trust a stranger, lean on someone else for emotional comfort

and guidance, the support & extra motivational push will get us going, or just for the moment

being able to dump our daily problems in the hands or lap of someone we don't know

can be very beneficial, or an understanding non judge mental soul for venting too without any advice.

When that time comes and your life is spiraling downward and going hay wire,

with unexpected situations that have risen beyond your control,

reach out for assistance to alleviate problems, maybe you just need advice

on moving forward, with your hopes, ideas, goals and dreams,

or you just want to share your greatness with a good listener, who doesn't envy you

and is not filled with jealously :-) Come by for a visit at Patti's Spiritual Clinic,

where new beginnings & changes shall take place for you,

in this world I call a jungle :-).

Take Care & Remember, I Will Always Be Here,

Your Friend Patti, Who Was Born for When Theirs Distress :)


Live Truthful, Honest & Free


Take Time To Relax & Love Yourself


Talk About It, Let Go & Surrender All

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