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Updated: Apr 15, 2023





Our Country The United States, is considered one of the richest Countries, out of the top 13 we rank at number 10, The U.S.A. land of opportunity, Serves, Manage and Protect over 310 million people, how marvelous is that :-) With that being said, many of us suffer job loss, are under employed, disable, caring for small children, etc; What ever your situation or circumstances are, it left you having to turn to your Government for financial assistance ( For food, housing, money, cars, furniture, clothes, utility assistance, etc; ) which is good, we are blessed to have the resources to provide for the people in need.

But family, some of us are taking advantage of the special privileges or these blessings provided and offered by a well established plentiful country, we have people/families that are tired of paying rent, will waste their money on partying hard, get evicted intentionally, just to get into a shelter and receive assistance, get approved for subsidized housing or section 8, a food card, transportation (car, bus card, taxis etc; ) so they never have to provide for them selves again or work as hard because they have the US to depend on,

now how sad and pathetic is that, some dont even look for jobs, go out in the field, fill out applications, but never have any intentions to get the job, because they are riding the system for as long as they could, because no one is checking the resources thoroughly or giving them a time frame to how long they can receive monetary help, some workers in the shelters are not assisting with job placement the way they should to get these people out of the shelters and off of housing assistance, to back working and taking care of themselves 100%, rules need to be established and enforced, we need time frame restraints...

Their are also middle class people and families, that needed help in the past due to circumstances beyond their control, however, the Government or The Department Of Human Services, provided all the resources needed to help those in need, gain their independence back, AMEN to that :-)

But some of those individuals receiving help got comfortable and became a System Rider, they were able to get degrees, receive child care assistance to pay for daycare, became employed with some well renown companies, work hard everyday, making a salary of $45,000 to $102,000 combined income or single, now what these individuals decide to do was not report their correct weekly or yearly earnings, so they can continue to receive low cost or free health insurance provided by the U.S. or so they can continue to receive subsidized housing or section 8 rental payments reduced, to maybe a couple hundred bucks a month or a small percentage according to their income, which ever is less monthly for that 2000 plus square foot home, condo or apartment they reside in,

Some even switch down to part-time hours at work for a couple of weeks or falsely change the check stubs to suit or satisfy the requirement to continue receiving government benefits 100% or 50% when its time to re-certify. These working moms, dads, couples or families, are able to survive on their own now, without any assistance, why abuse the system, their are families that need you to step down and allow them to receive benefits to help them get back on the feet or down that road to recovery after such a hard tragedy, which caused them to lose everything...


Lets not forget about those SYSTEM RIDERS who are receiving disability for their children and dont need it, they will coerce the children on how to pass the test so they can keep receiving a check until the child turns 21 and the parents choose not to work during this time. Because they are comfortable and content with the government taking care of them, its too easy to stay on public assistance and become a SYSTEM RIDER,

Also some adults are doing the same thing, maybe when they were younger they were diagnosed with a disabilty, some people now that they are adults, theirs nothing wrong with them mentally, but they know how to cheat and fake the system, they walk talk eat sleep and breathe putting on a good show and passing the test to redetermine if you are qualified as disable or having a disability or mental illness.

They continue to lean on public assistance, to survive out here in this world i call a jungle, some of them go so far as pretending they have chronic pain or an illness, begin taking prescribed medications to get or make themselves sick and be so doped up at the Doctors office, from prescription Narcotics for the brain, or other parts of the body, they even approve the children to take medication as well, and some parents make the kids or theirs teens mentally ill by verbally, emotionally, sexually, mentally and physically abusing them, just raising them in dysfunctional homes, with unreliable parents or families, no positive role models at all, just to receive benefits, whether its food, housing, utility help, or money monthly, some patients are actually ill at the time of diagnosis, receive surgery, rehab or what ever treatment plan thats needed to cure them,

HOWEVER :-) when they are well and cured from their pre-existing disease, they become a SYSTEM RIDER :-) lie to the physicians, family and friends, just so they can qualify for Social Security Benefits or Short Term Disability through their jobs, knowing they are well enough to return to work, WOW FAMILY I JUST SHAKE MY HEAD AT THIS TYPE OF FOOLISHNESS, THATS REPEATED AND PASSED ON GENERATION AFTER GENERATION...

Oh We Cant Leave Out The Business Owners, Some Of Them Have Become System Riders Too, White Collar Crimes, I Call It :-) Insurance Fraud, Going Out Of Business Sales And Grand Openings That Keep Happening Every 6 months :-) Now How Many Sales And Grand Openings Can One Store Have, Getting approved for Loans, For their Personal Use, But Lying To Banks Saying Their For Other Resources, such as To Assist With The Start Up Or Repairs.

We also Have Adult Students That Have Become SYSTEM RIDERS, They are only going to school just to receive a check from financial aide, the money thats left over after the tuition and books are covered, it goes to the students, amounts as high as $3,500, they are allowed a certain amount of funding for the semester, so the students will pick classes with 2, or 3 credit hours, so their checks can be large $$$, some will drop their classes as soon as they receive their first loan disbursement, some students will even stay the whole year and receive funds in their pocket for fall and spring, but the attendance is poor, only show up or put in enough hours just to say they were their, in order to receive these government student checks, some even come to class for attendance, leave soon after or sleep the whole year, just so they can receive money from the student loans they qualify for, after the government has given grant money or financial aide to pay for their education 100%.

The U.S. has made it too easy for people to abuse and misuse the resources thats provided, In The End They Are Contributing Unknowingly To the people, THAT I CALL SYSTEM RIDERS, Yes thats right, System Riders, I am speaking On It All, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, rules once again need to be set in place and reinforced, you have families residing in the Ghetto, content and living comfortable, good extravagant lifestyles, eating good and wearing the latest and the greatest designer wear, driving expensive cars, etc; off of the governments dime, and their lies being told to get monetary benefits to survive in this world i call a jungle ( daycare help, subsidize housing, food card, loan checks from college, social security benefits, utilities paid and much more)

They are living better lives than the hard working, middle class suburban families, that provide for themselves with no help, other than overtime and bonuses from their place of employment, Their are some people that live honest lives, hard working families trying to put their children through college or even some stay at home moms thats returning to school to revamp their career, and get a job, some cant even get grant money from the government or student loans because of the spouses income or their credit score is too low, WOW, What Is Wrong With The American People Family, Lets Talk...

I guess all of us have been exposed to a system rider or have had our own personal experience as a system rider unaware that we were fitting the profile as one :-) just to make financial ends meet or you wanted those new shoes or wanted to just splurge :-) hmmm yes you all know what I am talking about, when you ask to borrow that extra money, never paid it back, or said it was for a bill or something important, when you know it was for you to get your drink on or go spend it on leisure not a necessity, and you continued to borrow with wrong intentions as long as you got away with it, so with that being said,You continue to ask or borrow money from your friends, neighbor, sibling, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, hell whom ever that would give you the extra funds, because they trust you...

Whether u are a system rider intentionally or unintentionally, regardless of your reason or story, none of us are perfect and we all are sinful, born into this world with sick hearts and minds, People its time for a change, let's try each and every day to follow Jesus examples for loving one another, living and maintaining our lives according to the way our Heavenly Father designed life for us,

Also I leave you with this, all bad, dark, wicked ways shall come to the light and you will reap what u sow and suffer the consequences, in this world on earth or in the after life. Also all shall be rewarded who keep their hearts and minds on Christ, and have a peaceful life with plenty, never lacking in nothing, having all that's needed to sustain you in this world I call a jungle and In the after life,

I know in life things are unfair, sad, or we have moments of greed, envy and laziness or we feel like giving up or turning bad, due to hard working and righteous living going bad, but we must hold on, continue to trust in god, do not lean on our own understanding, we shall be fine in the end, good works always pay off, bad works will lead to destruction...

Enough of my facts and opinions, lets here from you family,

Are You A System Rider? And Proud To Be One,

Lets Hear From You, Speak Out And Share Your Story,

Family, How Do You Feel About The People,

That Take Advantage Of Our Great Country and All Its Resources,

Are You Upset With Your Country For Not Looking Into All Of This,

Allowing This madness Unintentionally To Go On,

Or Are You Mad With The People,

Thats Content With Abusing Such A Blessed Country :-)

Who Provides Care, Manages, Serves And Protect,

Easily Without All The Extra Red Tape???

What Ever You Feel Concerning This Matter,

Dont Hesitate To Speak Out,

Your Opinion Matters, I Am Here For You,

Your Friend Patti, Born For When Theirs Distress :-)

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