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Are You Happy Or Just Their For Comfort?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Hello Family,

Welcome To My Home

Where You Shall Not Be Judged!

People are often getting married, in-love, have children together or even just blend families to complete them, feel he or she is their soul mate.

Then Life Rears Its Ugly Head. Couples Begin fighting, misunderstandings happen, children are not getting along, infidelity, Lying, neglected, consumed by work, over eating, weight gain, weight loss,

you just stop living. Just to name a few; Tell Patti Your Thoughts

How long have u been married?

Do you feel the same from when you first fell in love?

How has the blended families or your own children affected your marriage?

Did He or She Changed For The Better Or Worse?

Do you Envy or Resent your spouse?

Do you often feel like you want to leave more than u want to stay? (Divorce)

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